Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 13 September, 2009

Drug Dunes

Deep breathing pair of caves

guarded by hairy knaves

In ultra slow motion

the cliff of a white drug dune

defies the gravity

seduces the knaves

kills the reality

and up it goes

into an intensely illogical illusion

in an unexplainable umbratic urethra

 and down it takes

in the never ending journey of self destruction

until the caves crave for more and more and more

and more and more

alas by then the death coincides the breath.



  1. This is very deep, talks about the natural power of air, sand and how no knaves can fight them!. I liked the feel of this one. I had to read it twice to understand, but over all, I think you did a brilliant job! Great going.

  2. thats quite an ironic take on death….

  3. hey .. first thing one notices is ur blog name .. n then ofcourse ur strong viewpoints(not diluted) expressed thru ur words.. good going .. i like the way u delve deep

  4. hmm…nice poetry…had to think a lot to understand..

    what do u want to potray…couldn’t realise it till now but loved the way u write it!

  5. kik kass
    nise poyetre

  6. nice poem 🙂

  7. NIce one!
    but reveals the reality early enough!
    I think you should have seduced the reader to think perversly….just like the cave!! 😛

  8. hmmm…. the title is also good one.

  9. nice..

  10. Nice poem……

  11. a really good poem,, i appreciate your work,, well dont,,

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