Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 11 November, 2009


Accumulated in an isolated dungeon,

the dreams try to depart.

They try to creep over the slippery wall.

Their hopes befall.

They clash for their rise,

They fall into avarice.

They lose their expectations.

They forget their struggle to escape.

In angst, they chose each other to rape.

Some grow,

some seep to burrow.

Some bleed,

some flee,

to fall back in the pit of shit.

They know that they will decay all along.

Until their owner doesnt react,

They dump themselves deeper in the dungeons.

Some slept,

some awake.

Some melt like a snowflake.

Some dry up like a starving lake.

Some still crawl like a sedated snake…




  1. wonderful feel… and shrewd choice of words…
    commendable work….

  2. hey buddy very nice poem describing ups and downs of life…

  3. You have a good way with words. Well described and scripted.

  4. pit of shit…brilliant!

  5. very well xamind n writtn!! good wrk!!

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