Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 9 December, 2009


The Satan residing in the cornea,

Tries too hard to insist

And the continuously contaminated

Clockwork fails to resist.

The spade of the aces – Corrupt

In a while it will erupt,

And puke out disrupt

Erotic emotions outburst

Of unbearable lust.

The pubescent plaque

Haemorrhages seeds of deeds

Culminates all over – the wicked weeds.

Seductive seas

The mind browses

Sleaze sucks the louses.

Engulfed in the trap of crap

Cornea turns Pornea.



  1. nice post and interesting blo
    wheres the subscription link!

  2. A good post but my advise is to organize your blog’s layout more.Happy Blogging.

  3. nice evil poem 🙂

  4. Quite a different one ! Few words yet conveys much …Your blog title is quite different too…

  5. well written and well descripted lust…keep writing

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