Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 14 February, 2010


Dedicated to Ingmar Bergman and his movies

Tick Tick Tick
A mist so thick
Unravels the masterclass
As I witness the world starkly
Through A Glass Darkly
The feathers of faith
Scatter across the monochrome
The faces illuminated
With expressions ensnarl the eyes
The emotions so deep
Amaze with their silent voice.
Love is God
They say, hear and feel
As Bergman strips human nature
Peel by peel
The spider crawls beneath the glass
And burns in the Winter Light,
It questions the existence of God
Its incarnation and plight.
The Light turns mute
As love abandons its flute
And sex overtakes love
The God is lost.
The Silence spreads
And emotions frost.
All left is Cries and Whispers
Untamed and maimed.
On the doorway of death,
Unleashed is love,
Unleashed is hypocrisy
Unleashed hatred.
The exploration continues
As I dissolve deeper
In the Bergmanian hues.



  1. this is awesome. threaded really well. included names of the films & their story line, still in-synced incredibly ell!!! congrats!

  2. good job!well written!

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