Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 19 February, 2010


Blades of Aids

Chop off

The unchoppable soul

Remembering the pest past

Harish unwraps the blade.

The sweaty smile

Sprinkled over

His daughter’s face

The sweaty scare

Scattered beneath

The devil’s face

Behind the half moon glasses

The stigma of syndrome

Threw Harish’s child

In mosquito’s Macbeth

In the dreadful

Dusk of death.

Her cold corpse

Casted on

The devil’s callous eyes.

His ignorance

Her innocence

Enrolled in shrouds

Months later

Through the zig zag

Blade void

He saw the doctor

Ready for a shave

Gray twigs

Glittering on his face

Harish’s eyes fueled up.

The blade in his fingers

Swimmed across the crimson lanes

Tearing open arteries and veins

The dripping drops

Tarnished the tiles

Tarnished the thread

Of his dreary smiles

The loaded razor

Trolled the silvery shreds

Scraping between some

Skinny spreads

As the blood emptied

He fainted

Tumbled down

With the blood splash

Attaining death

And leaving the journey

To the left.



  1. are you talking about two stories here.
    1) harish’s daughter dies of aids.
    2) he dies of aids coz of that infected blade?
    i think i m getting it all wrong?! :/

  2. I have read the story………….is i am right than harish daughter dies of aids and he too coz of same..

  3. i’m “lost in translation” for one…
    why do i get a feeling d doctor killed your harish..?

  4. its good but too abstract and scarry..put some love in ur work.. 😛

  5. …… Are you talking abt HArish getting infected and then seees his daughter getting infected tooo and then dieing???

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