Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 16 June, 2010

The Cup

Enigma enclosed
Porcelain posture
The syrup brews
Midst me.
Delicacies dipped
In delusions
Spiral inside my walls.
Hospitality conjoins hypocrisy
They tremble on my rim
As I chafe their vocal eye.



  1. hey nice one ……… keep it up…….hey its atleast better than what i used to write

  2. *LOVED* it…
    i liked the way you played with words..
    my fav. being
    ‘they tremble on my rim
    as i chafe their vocal eye’

    your work offered a lot of space for a reader to actually comprehend and absorb the work.. very very nice piece of work..

  3. really good one bro and u choose the right path for ur education i.e. JOURNALISM…. 🙂

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