Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 17 January, 2013

The Nectar is so Numb

Nogri Baba

The pipe pours on
And jams with the pond
Artificial, it may seem
It’s still a song.

Distractions might scream!
Now you may boom the bong!
Attach and detach
Like a pair of handcuffs
Scream and snatch
Unlike your sweet puffs.

The squirming mud
And the slithering grass
A pillaging peace
A fuming bud
And images flood
Like air breathing through
A dog’s nostril
I wonder how long
How long
Can a label last!
Of sane and mad
Of good and bad
Of give and had
Of failure and success

A senile approach to life
And some forest weeds
Some restless birds
Some restless needs
Some hopeless thoughts
Some hopeless dreams
Some nights of joy
Some horrors unseen
A lazy restlesness
A hazy restlessness
Where should i go
In this crazy restlessness.
Do i need rest at all
Motion may be a myth
I may be a fable
Or just an erotic story
Sensually engrossed
Rubbed and tossed
Moaning of endless desires
And endless destinies
That i am still longing to see
To beleive in
Everything is in the mind
Would be a fallacy
Its either nothingness
Or just Me


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