Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 14 February, 2010


Dedicated to Ingmar Bergman and his movies

Tick Tick Tick
A mist so thick
Unravels the masterclass
As I witness the world starkly
Through A Glass Darkly
The feathers of faith
Scatter across the monochrome
The faces illuminated
With expressions ensnarl the eyes
The emotions so deep
Amaze with their silent voice.
Love is God
They say, hear and feel
As Bergman strips human nature
Peel by peel
The spider crawls beneath the glass
And burns in the Winter Light,
It questions the existence of God
Its incarnation and plight.
The Light turns mute
As love abandons its flute
And sex overtakes love
The God is lost.
The Silence spreads
And emotions frost.
All left is Cries and Whispers
Untamed and maimed.
On the doorway of death,
Unleashed is love,
Unleashed is hypocrisy
Unleashed hatred.
The exploration continues
As I dissolve deeper
In the Bergmanian hues.

Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 9 December, 2009

Sable Crescents

Sable Crescents

Sable Crescents

The scintillating sunset scatters across,

The sable saffron panorama pauses,

The shimmering sable crescents rest under,

The rain sprinkles over

Anteceded by the growling thunder,

The cloud 13 clashes with cloud 9

The suns ejaculate the Prisms of Poignance

Dense and tense

The crescents collapse

It would be rare if anyone got it, ¬†this poem is about dark circles and tears ūüėČ
Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 9 December, 2009


The Satan residing in the cornea,

Tries too hard to insist

And the continuously contaminated

Clockwork fails to resist.

The spade of the aces ‚Äď Corrupt

In a while it will erupt,

And puke out disrupt

Erotic emotions outburst

Of unbearable lust.

The pubescent plaque

Haemorrhages seeds of deeds

Culminates all over ‚Äď the wicked weeds.

Seductive seas

The mind browses

Sleaze sucks the louses.

Engulfed in the trap of crap

Cornea turns Pornea.

Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 11 November, 2009


Accumulated in an isolated dungeon,

the dreams try to depart.

They try to creep over the slippery wall.

Their hopes befall.

They clash for their rise,

They fall into avarice.

They lose their expectations.

They forget their struggle to escape.

In angst, they chose each other to rape.

Some grow,

some seep to burrow.

Some bleed,

some flee,

to fall back in the pit of shit.

They know that they will decay all along.

Until their owner doesnt react,

They dump themselves deeper in the dungeons.

Some slept,

some awake.

Some melt like a snowflake.

Some dry up like a starving lake.

Some still crawl like a sedated snake…


Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 13 September, 2009

Drug Dunes

Deep breathing pair of caves

guarded by hairy knaves

In ultra slow motion

the cliff of a white drug dune

defies the gravity

seduces the knaves

kills the reality

and up it goes

into an intensely illogical illusion

in an unexplainable umbratic urethra

 and down it takes

in the never ending journey of self destruction

until the caves crave for more and more and more

and more and more

alas by then the death coincides the breath.

Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 30 August, 2009

World War 3

Emerging from destruction,
The land of rising sun.
The oath was taken
The soul awaken
For 100 years had gone
Back he is and so is his son
The wrinkles show his pain
the red eyes are glowing
and still working fast is his brain
At 120 he is still breathing
for one and only one thing
Revenge and revenge.
The earthquake crushed island will rise again
The technolngy train amd intellegent brain
Thin and slim eyer lost forever.
“The west dominated east,
Now its the time for our feast”
The feeble man stood
“The thing there wont be good
as the vengeance would be fulfilled.
The American blood would get spilled
Over is the dawn
Rose is Japan
‘2045’ is the last year for US to survive,
They have to suffer and they have
no but no damn’ choice.”
The baldie Jacky woke up with glory.
“Tsang sir! Would you tell us the story?”
“Two fathers,a son and spouse
lived in hiroshima’s great house.
The year 1945, everyone lost his/her life.
I, my son were far away another state
Who thought this could be the fate.
It was all over, my father, my woman had reached heaven.
Zen cried,
In depression i dried.
That fatboy will be thin,
the voilence will spin,
The nuclear weapon on us,
will now make THEM crush.
The UN wore that mask,
when US attacked Iraq,
did anyone ask?
US thinks, everything they own,
Now we will show them that Japan has grown.”
The old man hugged the older one
“Dad! Now its the time for action.Planning is done.
But wait, meet one more”
The long beard he had, the deshdash he wore.
The man bowed his head,
“Aslam Valekum” he greeted.
The oldest one stood up and got heated.
“Is he abusing me” he questioned.
“Sir. I am greeting you, all your disbelief should be abandoned.
“Sorry fellow” the thin eyed oldie spoke
“I cant greet you as my back is broke”
“But who are you to come here!” Tsang complained
“I am Sadeen, son of Osama Bin Laden”
“Leave the introductions, Lets begin.
Here’s the lab, please come in”
The completely teched up labs,
covered the floor with glass slabs.
The gadgets were assembled,
To others(except the programmers), they appeared jumbled.
“Sadeen, these are glove bombs.
Let your men wear them,
and let US be turned into crumbs.
Five cities-Washington, New York, Chicago, Miami, San Fransisco
shall get to blow
Though the bombs are small,
but they work-all.
They will destroy the areas upto three and a half kilometres.But that’s only a threat
Our aim is to make US wet,
wet with blood,
wet in blood flood.”
44 years since the WTC attack,
the warfare is back,
The morning 11 September 2045,
Everyone alive,
But who would have known,
within five minutes everything will be blown.
The suicide bombers were ready,
no gels, no teddy.
They were gloves,
guaranteed atleast 5 blows.
The clock struck 10,
to work everyone ran.
There was no bride, no groom.
A bomb burst at the church
the marriage took place along with the death.
Just one touch by the suicide bombers,
ane everything was gone.
No Mary, no John.
The unlucky five fell into the net,
The news spread fast like a bullet.
“CNN-Bombs strike, same time five major places,
all over,all over is crisis”.
The death toll rapidly
15000, 25000, 50000,300000,500000…
Millions and millions died.
The survivors in shock lied.
The political instability grew more,
Japan-America = (1-0) was the score.
Every vigilance association tried its best,
but what happened, has happened.
Everything is rest.
The killed were burried, the injured hospitalised.
The graveyards declined.
The people collide.
We want we we we.
The laughter floated from the evil trio.
So much lives had gone.
“Oh no! Oh no!
Didnt they know about the third law of motion,
We will destroy their lands, their ocean.
Its the time to claim,
Its the time to blame,
Its the timd to aim,
No mercy, no shame.
Fast fast, i cant handle anymore
I want more violence, more gore.
Contact them,
Invite them,
For the largest mayhem – The world war 3.
Tsang scratched his under chin mole.
“Hello!Hello! Role On, On role.
They are connected on the line.”
JAPAN: Hey lo, its Tsang still alive
US: Who Tsang! Why do you want to talk with us the white
JAPAN: Cause we want it, We want the greatest fight
US: Are you somewhat mad?
JAPAN: Mad your dad
US: Why and what?
JAPAN: We want World War 3, you butt.
US: World War 3, dont joke
JAPAN: Feel the joke, whem US is brokeUS: Why you want this war?
JAPAN:To take the revenge of Hiroshima-Nagasaki’s blood and scar.
US: That was just to stop the 2nd worldwar.
JAPAN: Deaths dont stop wars, they make wars emerge,
Anyways its too late, GET READY TO SUBMERGE!
US: But why should we participate?
JAPAN: Because you ought to be blasted by the doughnut you always ate.
A few seconds later, everything was ash.
Loss of life, livelihood, infrastructure and cash.
More and more cities were blown,
The fire in US had glown.
The president was outraged.The anger for years had to escape- it had been caged.
All over destruction
again started construction.
It was the time to act
to sign the unsigned pact
US called USSR and England
It ought to be a war with the scale much grand.
UN parties tried to cease fire,
But UN belonged to US, revenge war desire.
“The president is online”
said the prisoner Bryan.
“Hello! Hello! Who so ever you are.
Surrender or our weapons are not far.”
“Damn’ you its just the beginning’
Wd havent even started our next inning.
We are on for the war.”
“You can surrender i have said”
“Just a second and you are dead.”
No one could thurst,
The cell had burst
The president had died.
It was the time for vice president’s reaction.
He did’nt give a call
He was ready for the biggest brawl.
It was getting back to 1940’s
Those old war stories.
US had thrown the bombs to cease the war.
Japan had already decided to give up,
after a fortnight.
But what has been done, has been done.
The Little Man and Fat Boy,
was not a toy.
It was a device,
a Device’o’Destruction.
The radiations of those atomic blasts continued.
The handicapped,all due to it.
Now Japan has decided to
blow away the bullshit.
Had decided had started the war.
The planes were launched,
all demanded the scattering of colour red.
“6 August 1945,
I lost my wife,
and so did others.
The US blood will stain the heathers.”

The war had begun,
Everyone was cross.
Panzer tanks,
Blood Banks.
Bloody spanks.
Puke n’ Pranks.Everything was on.
The situation demanded it.
Blow heads and pull shit.
Japan was the first to start.
Her aim- to blow away US in a fart.
More missiles,more tanks.
Blood flashes, blood banks.
More destruction, more pain.
But when all had kickstarted,
ceasing it would be in vain!
Ceasing it could save innocent lives.
Could save WMD’s amd knives.
But how could he stop.
He, who breathed for 120 years to see this day.
Where bodies of many innocent Americans lay.
How could he call it down,
When the seeds of vengeance had been sown.
It had to go on
One had to lose, one could have won.
But WHO? Was the question.
Who can win over death and destruction.
The last two wars had shown the result.
No one won, no one lost.
All turned into crap and compost.
The war went on for years,
and hell it did.
Some countries joined,and some hid.
And finally all joined,
to win over the world,
to show off their nuclear nudity.
Pity! What a pity!
Who knew that the barbaric efforts will waste.
People would turn lifeless paste.
And then meteors struck the participants.
All was lost,
except one nation.
For peace existed there in elation.
Her name was India.
because of the peace it attained.

Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 30 August, 2009


In the corners of a solemn street

The sounds of strikes, strike the beat

The eyes freeze at the sight

As the whip lashes from left to right

Over the dusky damsel

As she strolls through her hell

Drained yet kinetic

Withered yet aesthetic

The rust-red scabs and scars chisel her soul,

Furious flames flare up the castrated coal

They freeze, their eyes freeze

Beggars plead, eunuchs seize

She earns

Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 30 August, 2009

Dead Winds

Winds pass; they harass

Winds before the turmoil

Before someone pour the hot oil.

Dread and dead,

They came and fled.

They woke me up from my bed

Before the results,

Before the insults.

Before the terror catapults,

With the fire-fierce pace,

Pale dominates grace.

Scatters its wrath over my face.

The heart hops,

It beats and stops.

All that lies, latent, is hope.

If there is disaster ,then there is cope

I Passed ‚Äď‚ÄėYes‚Äô, failed ‚Äď ‚ÄėNope‚Äô.

Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 30 August, 2009

The Tree

I Stand, stand tall in the middle of a ground,
For no other trees appear around.
For I am the only one left alone,
As all the trusted trees have gone,
I stand, stubborn, stubborn like a rock,
The harsh winds pass me and I block.

Hoping that I last for some more days…
Before the humans run on me

Posted by: Shiva Nagri | 30 August, 2009

Hey ya world!

After blogging around for 2 years at the Blogger platform @ CrazyBlog and V.CoL, i thought if experimenting with WordPress again, though i had already tried WordPress before, but left it due to its complicated interface.

Hope this time it works for me. Looking forward to post my weird poems over here for my self satisfaction and for those who could like my poetry and those who could hate it with justification.

Let my poetic piss

with the pungent hiss

gives all a bewildred bliss.

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